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Friday, November 28, 2008

The day after Thanksgiving! This means we will all start receiving those hilarious emails forwarded from that special forwarder in your life- (I hope you have a forwarder in your life. Endless laughs.)- all about wounded animals and grumpy old men and poor little families and unexpected angelic visitations and lost little children and sudden snowstorms and all those other stock characters from the Amazing Cheese Christmas Comic Book!

Hey. That has a ring to it! I should write one!!

Anyhow. I have considered trying to write the world cheesiest most absurd Christmas email of all time, and then discreetly passing it on to a few gullible forward-happy souls, and then, like throwing a note in a bottle into the ocean, wait and see.

We could have a contest here at the JSFC, to see who could write/discover the sappiest/slappiest Christmas email. What would the prize be? Autographed photo perhaps?

Anyhow. Day before Thanksgiving our church's monthly magazine - the December edition- showed up. Now the December issue is filled with just the same sort of Christmas stories as the Amazing Cheese Comic Book email stories aspire to be.

Here is a link. If you want some real holiday soul butter- the good stuff- not the Amazing Cheese- (I like that phrase!) - read a few. They'll make you feel all toasty inside!

Or you'll hate it. But I will just go ahead an stick myself out on an emotional limb and say I luuuurve this issue. Deep down, especially in December, I'm a cuddly little cutie. It makes me all that much more attractive, I know. So intelligent, and manly and so very good looking, and terribly sweet to boot. Sorry, I'm married!

On further perusal, I find the following links to be the most Christmas specific articles in this month's Ensign:

LDS Voices

The Best Christmas Ever

How Could I Help?

Room in the Inn

Three Christmas Stories


Brad Carter said...

People who do those forwarding emails are evil. I yell at everyone who sends me stuff like that. I told my daughter I was going to ground her from the computer if she ever did it again.

Eyepoke said...

evil laugh