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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chess Puzzle

Above is a postion from one of my recent games. I'm white, it's my move. Black has just moved his knight to threaten my rook. What ingenious game ending move did I make?

(I know, Renae, I know... I wanna roll with the gangsters.)


timpani76 said...

You crossed diagonally with your Queen knocking out his pawn (the one near the back of his board) causing check mate?

timpani76 said...

Wait, never mind, that wouldn't work. You crossed diagonally with your Queen, knocking out the rook protecting his King and then putting him (her?) in check mate?

Eyepoke said...

Yep. Queen takes rook is right!

If Black responds with Rook takes queen, I play rook checks king (along the back rank). Black then has 2 useless interpositions that he can play (rook, then queen) to escape check before being checkmated.

Probably the best black can do is move his queen to the back rank to protect his rook. I play queen takes queen, check. He must play rook takes queen. My next move is to take my rook out of danger from his knight. Black has not lost yet but is now down down a by a rook and is basically hosed.

10000 points to Timpani!