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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Halloween Stories

You may or may not have noticed that I have been fiddling around with the soundtrack for the JCS fanclub. Something a little more seasonally appropriate. As you know, part of the legends surrounding my life include that I was raised with no Tv. (Great childhood! Highly reccomended.) One of the side effects of this, (besides unusually high intellegence and complete distain for mainstream media) is that I listened to alot of old time radio and radio in general. Renae and I still throw dumb Abott and Costello lines at each other as private jokes. (with that head you should be sorry!)

Well, I was thrilled to find the classic War of the Worlds for free online. I literally grew up listening to this. And the Bill Cosby Chicken Heart routine I have almost memorized. Give a listen if you haven't before. As to the other tales of dread that I have attached to this page, I actually have not got around to listening to them, although I have read them both. (well i listened to skinny toe and left it for laughs) As I find other stuff similiar online I plan to add it to the pile.

Halloween, for me, is a thing of the ears. Listening to a scary story is scarier than watching a scary movie because, as I once heard it put by an old school radio director, radio leaves so much more to the imagination. The same director went on to ask: "What is wrong with pronography? It's not that sex is bad- it's just that it leaves nothing to the imagination"

Hope somebody enjoys some of this stuff-
Happy Halloween!


Brad Carter said...

I used to love the Bill Cosby record they had at the library. I never knew you could get this stuff on the radio!

timpani76 said...

I still think the reason you are such a social freak is because you did not learn silly things like manners at the television altar like the rest of us did.

I think I will listen to War of the Worlds when I have an HOUR to devote to it. I did listen to the Bill Cosby bit, and was amused as always. Why do modern comedians all think they have to be raunchy to be funny?

Dana Cheryl said...

I love War of the Worlds! Bill Cosby is pretty awesome too. I have a couple of his books and they are laugh outloud funny.

Eyepoke said...

You know I have never READ War of the Worlds... I started it last year about this time in Las Vegas, but my copy fell in the pool or some such thing and it was pointless to try to read it until it dried out and that took months... by then I had forgotten all about it.

The Tom Criuse movie with the same name was the stupidest thing ever. Frickin couch jumping monkey.

Dana Cheryl said...

What I remember most for the TC version of WOTW was Dakota Fanning screaming every other breath. Don't get me wrong I'd probably be screaming too but dang!

You know there are people who say that Earth was invaded during that infamous Halloween radio production and that the government has been slowly taken over by aliens hellbent on destroying our country and then the world.

Ya know now that I think about they might be on to something...

Renae said...

We found a dead snake on the road the other day, my children and I. I said "Just give it a little snakey lick."

Eyepoke said...