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Friday, October 17, 2008

2 to 1 in favor of the Indian.

Whaddaya mean you're watching the presidential debates?! Or the baseball playoffs?! (are they still going on? I have no idea.)

The 2008 World Champion is being decided Riiiiiight Now!!!!! First one to 6.5 wins! Final match on Halloweeeeeeeeeeen. Now quit paying attention to those geeky sports or that idiot-fest of an election. (-By Thor's beard I want to kick them all in the groin!!)

Be a spectator of something Cool for once!


timpani76 said...

John, stop before the nerds completely assimilate you into their collective!

Renae said...

John, you are such a geek! I thought you had grown out of it, but I guess not. Poindexter!

Bruce said...

"i wanna bowl with the gangstas..."

Eyepoke said...

Wow such... Venom! :P