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Sunday, August 31, 2008

On the flip-side of humanity: Mediataions on Galaxy Quest and Lord of the Rings

My friends, I have been mediating on the wisdom of destroying our brethren, those we call the homo spaiens minimus. It is true that their ways are strange to us, the true humans. It is true that they often smell badly. It is true that their lack of enlightenment causes them to believe foolish superstitions, and to live a lifestyle not in harmony with the true path. Yet, are we not all but pilgrims on the road to enlightenment? As Neil Peart of Rush, in the track known as "The Pass" off the Presto Album has written: "All of us get lost in the darkness, dreamers turn to look at stars. All of us do time in the gutters, dreamers turn to look at the cars".

I have thought, since writing to you last, that in adopting the philosophy of The Bug, we may be making an error. Might we not do better to consider the path chosen by Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith? As we look to their example, we see that, although Tommy Lee knows that: "people are dumb, panicky, animals" as he teaches Will Smith, he also embraces the truth that" "A person is smart."

This week end I mediated apon the truths taught in "The Lord of the Rings", where in we see that it is the small and simple hobbits, who, by their very simplicity, are the most reliable in resisting the lure of power represented by the One Ring. We also see that, as Gandalf foresaw, it was the pity of Bilbo that ruled the fate of all, when he chose to spare Gollum. Is not Gollum an archtype of all those qualities we despise in those we call the pinks, or the people found in walmart?

Indeed, what is the prime difference between Gandalf and Saruman? Is it not that Gandalf sought to understand the hobbits, and it so doing came to see that their simplicity was a strength, not a weakness?

I then meditated on the deep truths taught in the holy movie Galaxy Quest, where in we again see a simple, unclever people, the Thermians, who, despite being gulible, and foolish in many ways, nevertheless are heroic in their way. Let us also look to the example of Jason Nesmith, who, in spite of being a silly, self deluded sot, also had worthwhile qualities that needed only the right set of experiences to to bring these qualities to the fore?

Indeed, my disciples, we must ask ourselves what is the basic distinguishing feature, between Superman and General Zod, between Luke and the Emperor, between Sam Gamgee and Gollum? What separates Batman from the Joker? What keeps a superhero from becoming a supervillian? It is not strength or power. It is not intelligence, for do not most brilliant scientists become supervillians?

Is it not a respect for life that makes a villain or a hero? As Gandalf said of the hobbits, that they really are "amazing creatures. You can learn all that there is to learn about their ways in a month, and after a hundred years that can still surprise you". Indeed, if Gandalf was willing to learn from the hobbits, might we not also find something to learn from the grotesquely overweight, smelly man purchasing a years supply of HoHo's and Diet cola in Walmart?

Then again, Gandalf didn't study the goblins and orcs. hmmmm. I must mediate further on this, my children.


timpani76 said...

The Hobbits and the Thermians were good and simple people. I don't think anyone has any problems with the sweet people who can't balance their own checkbooks or forget to use their turn signals. I think the "wal-mart people" that most of us have a problem with are the ones who flip us off as they run the stop sign, do a u-turn and almost hit the kid on the bike.

I'm a little bitter right now since someone left a nasty note in my mailbox because apparently we have not mowed our grass and the kids toys in the yard make it look "sloppy". They spelled several things wrong, had bad grammar to boot, and they were too cowardly to sign their own name so they signed it "The People of E Alton". Oh yeah, this is one of the wal-mart people that I want to see in front of the shooting range.

Hoba Chi said...

Regarding my wife's post, she is not longsuffering on some things, so don't tick her off.

Eyepoke said...

Maybe you should mow a dirty word into your lawn.

Renae said...

John, you funny! Timpani, you should come and take a good look around our yard (especially in the back) you'll feel just fine about yourn, I promise! Some retard wrote to "Sound Off" in the local newspaper a while back to complain about our running group. We all had a good laugh at them. Yes, we do run down the shoulder of the street at 5 am. However, there is very little traffic at that time of day. The shoulder is at least 6 foot wide, and many of our group wear reflective vests, so we can be seen by the motorists. Anyway this retard said that we should just do some yard work, rake our leaves and then we wouldn't have to go running. Idiot.

timpani76 said...

Where else would you run? Maybe HE should donate some money to make some more trails in our area. I could use them for walking ;)

I think part of our problem is that we really have no backyard, so all the toys go in the front yard. I think I let it tick me off more than it should, maybe because I've put so much work into planting and landscaping. Our yard looks 100% better than it did when we first moved here.

Hoba Chi said...

I guess that we have to admit to and learn our own ignorance when it comes up, help the ignorant by innocence and ignore the ignorant by choice- unless they become rude in which case we smack 'em!

I'm pretty darn proud of all the work and variety that Timpani has put in our yard. People are just jealous.

Dana Cheryl said...

Never, ever pay attention to cowards who can't sign their names.

Also it's been my experience that if a person is truly concerned and not just power hungry he or she will volunteer to help.

Walmart people=Orcs