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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Life in Pacific

It's a hillbilly sort of town. I like it. Some small events and observations from my life here lately:

The local library fined me a dollar. I paid cash. They wrote me out a reciept. By hand.

A small boy pushed his lawnmower down the sidewalk as I was disembarking from my car. He stopped and said very politely: "Would you like to have your lawn mowed, sir?" I'm a sir. Sir John. I've been a sir forever now, but it still suprizes me. I'm a knight.

There were nothing but white people at kindergarden orientation the other night. (Liz claims she saw a mexican- I didn't though). Some t-shirts worn by other parents included :

"I put ketchup on my ketchup"
"John Deere"
"Kurt Warner"
"Walmart Tire and Lube"

One local family had a dad wearing a straw hat and a mom in pig tails. (Pig tails is the one where you have two of them, one per side, right?)

We had to find city hall. Because that is where you buy passes to the local community pool. Liz and I had an argument about who would have to drive all around town to find it. I lost. Liz map-quested it for me. Its a block and a half away. (So is the drugstore. And the grocery store. And the hardware store. And the local Goodwill.)


timpani76 said...

Sounds like Highland, IL.

I say sir, it's a southern courtesy thing. I think you can hold off on the delusions of grandeur for awhile, SIR JOHN.

You have a Goodwill within a block and a half? I'm so jealous!

Everyone Admires Mary said...

Cool! A hand written receipt from the library! I'm guessing since they write them you may wind up needing to prove you paid your fines one day. I'd keep 'em! And yes, pigtails are the 2 ponytails. Wow. I'm the hick in Cartersville, oddly enough.

lizS said...

it's not really a goodwill, it's called the agave house or something like that. it's basically the same thing. and they have a carbon copy of the reciept, why do we need to worry? (heavy sarcasm)

Dana Cheryl said...

Ahhh Goodwill! I miss it. Columbia, MO has the best Goodwill ever. Check it out when ever you're driving through Missouri on I70.

I love small towns. I'm a small town girl at heart.

Bruce said...

of corse he may have been being polite because he was trying to get you to pay him to do some thing. i saw a t-shirt that said "porn star".

Renae said...

I had a large comment to put here, but it ended up being so large that I just made a post on my own blog. So, all I have to say to you is: GAYNESS FROG, sludge-eating-slime-ball-of-nastiness!

timpani76 said...

Hey John, are you going to join our fitness blog?

Renae said...

What the heck was that "good, good.." comment about? Who was that? And BTW, you haven't started sending me mail under obscene names have you? I was out in the yard when my post woman (who already seems to hate me-they all do. I just figured it was my big dog, but I'm thinking it might be partly your fault too. I guess they have to sort all of that ridiculous stuff too. Anyway this woman has always seemed to loath us. Dumb person!) Anyway she had a peice of mail for someone with an obscene name, and she questioned me about it. I just said I'd never heard of the guy. It didn't strike me as your style. I'm thinking Brad has joined in on the mail joke? Any comments Brad?

jbcrider said...

Speaking of Goodwills...Sever was it you that worked with me at the Vegas Deseret Industries? I just have a faint memory of mixing the men's and women's shoes and when told to take off the older clothes we just emptied the whole aisle.

Anonymous said...

Yeah we did that. I dont remember shoes so much but DI... yeah