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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Test Your Might

This will have to do for my response to being tagged by Colista. I find it hard to conform some how. I think that is why I never liked church dances. Dancing somehow equates to conforming in my mind. I dont know why right now.

So, I was going to teach myself how to do this all cool and HTML-ly and make it to where you like check the little boxes and then hit submit and then it mysteriously grades your paper and gives you a score without telling you the answers, but I found out you need to have something called something like an .asp page (or something) and I don't, so forget that idea for now.

It was going to be a quiz to see how big a John Sever Fan you are.
Liz isn't allowed to play, she knows too much. (-deleted TMI-)

1) What super power would John chose to have?(rank in order of likely hood):

b)Super strength

2)What is religion would John most likely have subscribed to if he was not LDS?(rank in order of likely hood)

c)Some kind of Neo-pagan
f)Evangelical Christianity

Fill in the blanks:

3) Booga, Eeka, _______

4)Deep Thought designed ______ ______.

5)We are the ______ of the ______ of ______.

6) ______-_______ John C. Sever the __________

7) Leery ______ Beast

8) Which of the following hollywooders does John consider unattractive:

a) Avril Lavinge
b) Selma Hayek
c) Jodie Foster
d) Jessica Alba
e) Gwen Stephanie
f) Uma Thurman
g) Jessica Simpson
h) Missy Peregrin
i) What's that one chic's name... Brad pitt's whore- oh yeah Angelina - well I guess i gave that one away. Nevermind, there is more than one correct ugly in this list.

9) What profession has John never considered pursuing?

a) Engineer
b) Astronaut
c) Palentologist
d) Doctor
e) Lawyer
f) Professional Baseball Player

Now I am supposed to tag what 6 more random people?-

Ok I tag Ken ,Barbie ,Mac Fly ,Annie ,Keegan and Richard Nixon. I don't know any of these people.


Anonymous said...

well, i just took the test, and passed with flying colors. i think i got a couple wrong, but not wildly wrong. so, who wants to know the answers? here they are:

Everyone Admires Mary said...

Well, I don't know any of the correct answers, but I would be Wiccan if I weren't a Christian. Does that surprise you, or are you totally un-phased by that little revelation?

Everyone Admires Mary said...

Oh yeah, except I know that I read that Deep Thought book at one point, but I don't remember much about it (A Wrinkle in Time? I can't remember!). I know I can't answer the question, but if I thought about it long enough it might come to me.

Renae said...

pants peer, who gives a fart.

Eyepoke said...

Wimp! Chicken! Mrs Peebody! Why dont you go kiss Micheal Ball right on the lips or something? (oh yeah, cause he'd barf all over you)

I am suprised, Mary, but then again not. One of those suprising facts that fits very well after you know it...

Renae said...

What's the fun if you won't tell us the answers. I think I did okay, but not as well as I'd have liked to.

lizS said...

i think he wants to to tell what answers you got in a comment, and he will, after everyone has weighed in, tell you what the answers are. maybe. i've been wrong before.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I will reveal the answers in like a fortnight or less... If I get anyone making any guesses of course.


Everyone Admires Mary said...

A Wrinkle in Time was a wrong guess...GRR! I can't remember what book that's from! Hitch-hiker's Guide? Ooh, wait, I think that's it! Deep Thought calculated the answer to life, the universe and all that other stuff, and the answer is 26! (I think.)

Everyone Admires Mary said...

Ooh John! Google "Missy Peregrin"! You're on the first page! I looked her up, because I had never heard of her, and your blog was on the top page! Yay for you! Top billing on Google!

(Still don't know what she looks like, though.)

Everyone Admires Mary said...

Oh, you misspelled her name, anyway, I found her. She looks like Hillary Swank, but prettier. Okay, I'll stop posting to your blog now. Sorry.

timpani76 said...

1) super strength (shouldn't there be an "all of the above" here? I mean, who does not want all three of these?)


3) Boo

4)The Earth

5)We are the people of the United States of America

6)Peer Pants John C Sever the VERY VERY SILLY


8) Ugly girls (to John):
Avril Lavigne
Jessica Simpson
Uma Thurman
Anjelina Jolie

9) d) Paleontoligist

Bruce said...

Here are my guesses:

1) Flight, Super Strength, invisibility

2) Agnostiscm, Buddism, Evangelical Christianity, Neo pagan, Atheism, Cathosicsm

3) Ho Ho

4) The Earth

5) Priests temple syrinx

6) Lord Baron Power Weilder

7) Fog

8) Angelina, Uma, Gwen

9) Lawyer

Renae said...

Hey!!!! That last one was Me!! I get the credit for that one!

Everyone Admires Mary said...

I know for a FACT that John finds Uma attractive. I have no idea on the other girls.

Eyepoke said...

Humm di de dum dee... ho ho ho!

rubbing my hands together in glee... just sitting back knowing the answers... Joy, Joy Joy!

Renae said...

Uma? Seriously?! She is the ugliest pretty girl ever.

MelloKira said...

Hey John,

If you want to make a self-gradeable test like you were talking about, you can use JavaScript. Easy peasy.

Eyepoke said...

Hey Mello- who ever you are...

So... can you send me a simple example?

sageowl@hotmail.com with something like "This is a Dangerous Virus" in the Re:

Or even better, just post a link to a self grading test done with Javascript.

I've always wanted to be cool, and this would really really help!!!!!

Who are you?

Dana Cheryl said...

OK so I worked out all my answers and lost 'em... Dang IE7!

I'll give it another go tomorrow. If you'd like to email me the correct answers so that I look like a genius and/or psychic that would be acceptable.

Eyepoke said...

waiting impatiently!

Dana Cheryl said...

OK so those danged mormons kept me busy at church all day today. I will give my answers tomorrow.

Life in a UT Singles Ward:

Get up & get ready for church.

Go to church.

Still at church.

Church Over.

Church meetings.

Go home, think about church, walk dog, eat...

Go back to church (fireside)

More church (Ward Prayer)

Visit ailing church members.

Go home, blog about church, go to sleep...

Eyepoke said...

You Funny! Been there done that! After about 6 months I realized UTAH is not for me. (or at least not Provo)

Dana Cheryl said...

Yeah so I just got back from church (FHE)... So I'll have to do this one question at a time.

1. Invisibility
2. Flight
3. Super Strength

How'd I do on the first question?

Anonymous said...

I cant just TELL you! that'd be cheating...


Dana Cheryl said...

Is this one of those abstract things... Like on Stargate SG-1 when there are infinite universes w/ infinite possiblities? In that case all the answers are right & wrong! :)

Yes I'm a sci-fi nerd!

Anonymous said...

No No No, this is all pre-quantum mechanics! there are definately right and wrong answers!

Dana Cheryl said...

i don't believe you :)