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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lincoln and GW Bush

  • Both elected for their first term without the popular vote
  • Both came into the presidency during a time of intense, bitter political division
  • Both fought unpopular wars
  • Both were smeared relentlessly by the media
  • Both wars were initially waged for the purpose of national security
  • Both wars were considered "elective" at the time
  • Both wars resulted in the overthrow of brutal dictaorships that condoned torture, rape, murder and other atrocities
  • Both brought freedom to thousands in the process
  • Both won a second term in office against ex-generals who ran on a platform of opposing the war
  • Neither were very popular at the time

As an aside, it blows the mind a bit to discover that after seven years there are still people who somehow think taking down Hussein was all about getting our hands on some cheap oil. Gas is 4 dollars a frickin gallon!!!!


timpani76 said...

I was wondering if there was anyone left on the planet who still liked Bush. I did vote for him the second time he ran (instead of a third party) since I felt the forces of evil were aligning against him, so he must be GOOD. I didn't like the Libertarian candidate anyway.

Renae said...

I may be ignorant of a lot of things politically, but I still like Bush. No, he isn't perfect, but he seems like a good guy.

Dana Cheryl said...

I really like him too. I admire anyone who can follow the dicates of his/her own conscience despite what others say.

I think the world has forgotten that Congress was just as gung ho about the war in the beginning. I we could just stand together as a nation we could get this over with and move on. Sadly our country has been unable to do so since the days of WWII. United We Stand Divided We Fall. The world knows where divided therefore we're already whipped.

Anonymous said...

It's true that what ever you might say about GW -he has never tried to win at the popularity game. That's cool.

Oh- one other thing he and Lincoln had in common:

Both Republican.


Bruce said...

its the mass medea. they are so very lib. they cant stand him. i herd a report the other day that there are still some cenaters trying to float the impeachment vote. i meen good greaf, hes only got 6 months left. i have been very critical of many of his pollicies(like immagration), but on the hole i think he is an upstanding guy. it would be nearly impossible to be eighter successful or popular with the all of the main stream medea agenst you. i voted for him 2 times.

Brad Carter said...

I'm just happy that a gallon of gas is cheaper than a gallon of printer ink.

Anonymous said...

Over $5.00 a frickin' gallon in some states.


Dana Cheryl said...

NO! Over five?! What are we gonna do? How are people gonna make it?

Anonymous said...

My husband just recommissioned his bike. Rides it the 15 minutes to work. I imagine there will be a lot of bike-riding and staying home. Don't know how they are making it in those states (CA is over $5 I know for sure, not sure about the surrounding states).


jbc said...

Just to clarify...Lincoln won the popular vote TWICE both in 1860 and 1864, though in 1864 only Northern states votes counted due to the whole secession thing. (http://uselectionatlas.org/) By 1864 he was actually becoming more popular as the war was going well by then. Lincoln eventually had a plan to end the war and accomplished that goal.

I voted for Bush twice. I support the war but to compare Bush with Lincoln is a travesty on the memory of Lincoln.

Just my thoughts,

jbcrider said...

I updated my profile for you!