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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I spend way too much time in front of a computer. All day at work and it is far and away the coolest most addictive toy I have at home.

Liz was out with the kids tonight- Yeeeha! What did I do? Went for a walk. Read a bit. Worked out. Mowed. Yard work. And, of course, indulged my chess addiction.

I am going to have to watch myself. When I start playing this game, I have been known to exhibit antisocial behavior. I swore it off cold turkey a couple years back, and I am just now allowing myself to ease back into it. One thing I had forgotten was how intense certain members of the online chess community get. There is some seriously hilarious trash talk going on in the chat area of the chess site I play at: Yeah that right sucka, JUST WALK AWAY! You too chicken to play me! You only play blues!

(Blue is the lowest ranking level possible.)(I am blue.)

Come on guys- your are chess geeks!! I myself had a funny encounter with a guy today who got rather upset when I beat him silly. I enjoy that. Not the winning, the whining. Only the chess people that get this crazy. When I quit chess, I subbed in spades for a good while to ease the withdrawl pains- the spades people are very easy going usually compared to the chess people.

OK time to cut the umbilical. Time to wake up Neo.


timpani76 said...

Anti-social behavior? Like not returning people's e-mails?

lizS said...

heehee, i just returned the one you're talking about i think. that's funny.

timpani76 said...

Actually I was talking about a movie review that I gave John, that he said he wanted, but has not replied to.

Bruce said...

don't blame john, his hole family is terrable at eigther giving messeges or returning call, or an e-mail in this case. i cant tell you how often some one askes me about upcoming plans and i have no idea what they are talking about. they will say "i talked to renae" or "i sent you an e-mail". its horrible. i think they get a lot of these traits from their dad. he is not the worlds most socially forward person. i will say that i always wanted to be good at chess. i know there are tricks and statigy that i just need to leard but have been some what intimidated to play agenst john. it sucks to suck at some thing that you think you could figure out.

timpani76 said...

I think chess is for people who are good at math (ie not me!)

Bruce said...

i dont think so timp. its about tricks and statagy. like i know one of johns big things(because its good) is to fork people.

Eyepoke said...

Moose, you and I should get online sometime and take all comers at spades.

timpani76 said...

I like chess, I just am no good at it. As a child, I was of course fascinated with all the figurines. I don't think I could handle computer chess for this reason.

What's the fun of playing cards if you can't hold the cards in your hands?