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Thursday, May 1, 2008


We are moving. Yesterday I set 30+ bags of trash on the curb for the trash man before I went to bed. I almost ran out of curb space, literally. I took some pics but it was dark and they didn't really come out.

This morning the garbage truck woke me up. I got out of bed to spy on them. I laughed myself silly. It looked more like a prank than real trash. My favorite part was when the trash dude grabbed one bag that was alot heavier than it looked for some reason. It totally de-balanced him. He had to take those awkward dancing steps you take when you are trying to throw something that is also trying to throw you.


Brad Carter said...

You needed a walkie talkie in one of the bags so you could scream "put me down!" when they picked it up.

I've been itching to do something horrible to my trash guy ever since I moved to this new place. There's a dumpster right across the street from me and it's emptied twice a week. But other than huge explosions, I can't really think of anything cool.

Brad Carter said...

Hey John, did you and I ever do the prank where we wrote a note on random peoples' trash cans telling the garbage man to please throw the trash can away too? That was one of my regular grade school/junior high era pranks. It seemed hilarious at the time, checking the next morning and finding their trash can missing, just like we ordered.

Bruce said...

what on earth did you throw away? brad you could make a fake baby and rap it up and put in. it would need to have autio. that would be fun to watch.

Eyepoke said...

no brad i never did that one with you but it's definitly evil. ha ha ha.
i've been trying to think of a way to make a trash bag so heavy it's almost impossible to pick up. i'm thinking maybe a cinderblock or two wrapped inside as many blankets you can afford all soaked in water.

sometime i ought to tell you about how i lost a perfectly good alarm clock by hiding it in somebody's trashcan and setting it to go off at, like, three am. but i did something wrong i think; cause the alarm never went off, and they just threw the trash out the next day.