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Sunday, May 4, 2008


Being as moving sucks, a week or so ago, at the end of an highly irritating day house hunting, I found myself thinking that the whole process was pretty much not worth the bother. I was at my mom's house, and as I sank into the sofa, snarling bitterly at the world, I noticed my mom's scriptures on the end table. I thought to myself: "OK, how about sending me some kind of message/sign as to whether I really ought to be trying to move out of the Peoria area, back down towards Sever world headquarters." Then I randomed open her book and glanced down. This is what I read:

D+C 61
32 And from thence let them journey for the congregations of their brethren, for their labors even now are wanted more abundantly among them than among the congregations of the wicked.

True story. I never liked Peoria either.


timpani76 said...

Ok, I hardly think your Peoria ward is a "congregation of wickedness". Pretty harsh. Unless you count the whole town as the wicked congregation.

Anonymous said...

Just telling the story as it happened. Make of it what you will. lol


Eyepoke said...

There are, of course, alot of people here in peoria that we like too.

Dana Cheryl said...

wow! sounds like your overdue at sever world headquarters... lol! Very cool!

Bruce said...

it may have ment for you to skip sever world all together and move to Utah

Anonymous said...

what?! no way everyone know utah is full of nazis