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Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Secret Post

This is a SECRET POST! Nobody knows about it but you and me! If you found this post, go to this person's blog and leave a stalkerish message. I don't know them. Say something like: "I am a robot. The Earth must be anniliated."

Then let me know what happens.


Eyepoke said...

Oh wierd. I swear I picked this blog totally at random. I think they are MORMON!. Weird weird weird weird!

Brad Carter said...

Mission accomplished, SIR! I wrote "The clock radio is set...TO KILL!" I hope that's stalkerish enough since I'm a little rusty with my stalking skills.

I should start doing this to random people all the time. Starting NOW!

Eyepoke said...

Wow, you are good. You found the secret post in like an hour.

Do you remember the prank call you used to do where you would just call up and hiss into the phone:

"Don't go near the window!"

Eyepoke said...

And you didn't do it anonymously. Nice touch.

Brad Carter said...

Hah, look what someone replied: You need to erase who ever that psycho is. But on a lighter note, what fun pictures.

After I did that one, I spent an hour clicking the Next Blog button and leaving equally bizarre comments on everyone else's blogs. My son came over and I showed him what I was doing. He thought it was funny and started telling me what to write on all of them. (Lots of butts were mentioned from that point on.) So far none of them have emailed me about it.

I don't remember the window prank exactly, but I do remember calling up lots of people and just trying to creep them out. Ah, the days before caller ID...

Oh! I just noticed that this post is dated March 9th. So THAT'S why it's secret. I'm subscribed to your RSS feed, which I keep an eye on pretty much all day. It notifies me whenever you (and Renae and Liz and Bruce) post something new. Helps me be a more efficient stalker.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I remebered that subscribe thing after I wrote this morning. I have never used it. So you aren't AS smart as I thought. But now my secret post is not all that secret. Fiddlesticks.

lol on the way you spent your evening.


Eyepoke said...

When is my birthday?