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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Just how big a geek I really can be

"every nerve and every cell
has got to fight to stay alive and well"


Oh nothing much here. Ive been thinking about my own granduer again, naturally. Its always kind of the elephant in the room isn't it?

Just to show you how much of a geek I can be at times- well you know I engineer for a living. Found out lately that I like it. Im not half bad at what I do. It fits reasonably well. Sometimes I miss the physicality of doing construction, and I liked the social interaction with drunk people that I had at Hit and Run, but the $$ is definately better and at the other jobs, I was always had that feeling of being under used. Like Marvin the Paranoid android. Here I am, brain the size of a planet... That is much less so now.

where was I? Oh yeah let me tell you about my geekness. The other day I was slacking a wee bit at work- that is to say, I had other stuff on my mind and I found myself taking time out of my work day to... cue "white and nerdy"... solve a math problem. An infinite series problem from calculus. yeah. unrelated to work. Thats fairly geeky. But let me tell why I was working on that problem... you see I was imagining in my mind a Magic Tournament. And I was thinking about timed games. And how a timed game invites the winning player to stall. And I thought one way to prevent that would be to have a somewhat random time limit. Like rolling a d6 every 60 seconds after say 15 minutes and calling the game when a 6 came up. But the question then is how long on average are you then allowing the games to become? In theory they could go on for 100+ years- very unlikely- so what is the average number of rolls it takes a 6 to come up?

So I set up the infinite series problem to solve it:

average game length=(1/6)[15x(5/6)^0 +16x(5/6)^1+17x(5/6)^2+18x(5/6)^3.....etc forever]

(5/6)x average game length=(1/6)[15x1/6(5/6)^1 +16x(5/6)^2+17x(5/6)^3.....etc forever]

hence...well you dont want me to solve the problem here for you do you?

So I use the term geek and nerd to describe myself- but one must remember that I am a tall, goodlooking, muscular geek.


timpani76 said...

So, you like being used? Especially at work?

The interaction with drunks thing at Hit N Run was hilarious. I used to go in there, but they did not like that I parked and then walked in.

Bruce said...

that i can kick the crap out of.

Renae said...

Man, you must have sucked all of the will to think hard from the space in which we shared. Maybe it has something to do with the whole chess -you beat the pants off of me so many times as a youngster that I now can't stand games of the sort. You on the other hand won so many times you are a chess feind- thing. Hmm, could be. I have no wish to over cook my brain with such problems. It's not that I'm an idiot and can't do brainy things when I want to, I just rarely ever want to, if I can avoid it. Strange how we mold eachother.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Bruce and his cerebral envy...


Bruce said...


Anonymous said...

Doesnt any one want to know what the answer is?


lizS said...

nope, we just don't care. or, if you're like me, (which i understand is unattainable however attractive it is) you're so bombarded with stuff like this from john that you have a practiced apathy towards all things mathmatic, or magic related, and you'd be dang surprized at how often those two go together for john.

Anonymous said...

Bruce is a dork.

Bruce said...

who's scruffy lookin