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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Archive of Foolish Advice!

Snub someone for no reason.
Have tuna for breakfast
Store milk jugs upside down
Deliberately jam up a stapler
Bite someone
Deliberatly write all checks for $.04 too little
Lie about something trivial
Shake your fist at strangers
Today is Mismatched Shoe Day!
Preform an incantation
Loiter near a NO LOITERING sign
Take a grocery cart to walmart, or vice versa
Go jogging through the park shouting: STOP THIEF!
Wear a tie
Stare at someone
Ask about a disabled person's disablity
Give a stranger a pair of scissors
Thank someone for wearing pants
Write yourself a prescription for tylenol, and use it to buy some.
Invade personal space
Move fake produce to the real produce aisle and vice versa
Sell oranges from a roadside stand
Buy something and immediately return it
Red food coloring in all the public toilets
Inquire about the price of a sex change operation
Accuse someone of being a sabbath-breaker
Take a clipboard to the mall and conduct a survey. Offer to show people clips of movies. Take them back into the secret rooms of the mall and abandon them.
Jump on potato chips
Drink paint
Put a box of nails in a public microwave

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