Daily GUIDE-ance:

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Answers

1) Superpowers:

Super-strength, Invisibilty, Flight
Super strength is clearly the best. I just lately changed my mind about the other two. I think I am becomeing more devious minded lately.

2) Alternative Religions:

Agnostic, Neo-pagan, Buddist, Evangelical Christianity, Atheism, Catholiscm
The hardest calls here were Neo-pagan vs Buddist and Atheism vs Catholiscm. I'd clearly be an agnostic first. Through my Dungeons and Dragons infulenced teenage years I have had several friends into one type of pagany religion or another and generaly found them to be pretty good company. I think that without my LDS background I might have enventually (like maybe by the time I turned 35 or so) embraced some form of Christianity, but not in any orgainzed man-made church.

Fill in the blanks:

3) Hoho (Booga, Eeka and Hoho were Brad and I's nonsense/swear words of choice when we were kids. I don't know why)

4) Deep Thought was the computer that deisgned the Earth in the Hitchhiker's Guide

5) We are the priests of the temples of Syrinx- Rush, 2112

6) Lord-Baron John Christopher Sever The Powerwielder. That's the title that I gave myself when I was about 15. Something I have in common with Snape and Voldemort.

7) Leery Fog Beast. Its a Magic card, that Bruce once attacked me with and lost dramatically when I blocked it. It was great.

8) Ugly Women:
Jessica Alba
Jessica Simpson
Angelina Jolie

They are all so frickin' boooooring. They seem to be as dumb as a box of dogcrap, and have about as much personality. A much more interesting problem would be to try to rank the other women in order of hotness. Also, honestly, have you looked at Alba or Jolie's face? They aren't kidding when they say that those gal's butts are thier nicest feature.

9) Lawyer.

I worked for one once. His job sucks. (so hahahahahahah!)

I wanted to play baseball professionally when I was a 13, 14. After I quit wanting to play baseball I decided that being smart and wanting to be rich I should become a doctor. Later I factored in that I hated school and threw that one out.

When I was in elementary school I planned on being both an astronaut and a dinosaur digger at the same time. I remember my 9 year old heart just aching at the thought that I might somehow, by some horrible accident, spend my whole life trapped on just this one tiny planet. I am still not resigned to it. Space tourism is happening now. By the time I am 60 or so, I am hoping that I will be able to afford to go to the moon. Jonni wants to come with me. It'll be great. Liz wants to stay home.

(oh yeah I am an engineer)


Renae said...

I kicked booty mostly! And DARN IT!! I originally put super strength first, but Bruce convinced me that it shouldn't go first because you can become pretty strong on your own, but you can't become at all invisible or able to fly. Hoser!

Renae said...

I even got the religion question close. I got the first and last ones right. Those are the most important ones! I rock!

Renae said...

Okay, I have to admit that Bruce did help with a couple of my answers. I didn't know the fog beast one, and the Rush lyrics one was one of those things that sounded vaguely familiar to me, and Bruce got that one. There, now I am honest.