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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Various Negative thoughts at 1:30 am

Sometimes I worry that I am a bit too negative about things and stuff in general. Like my last post for example. Or like what I think I am about to write about. It is 12:30am so non-linear thought patterns may be arising in this post, but hey I like non-linear.

Its 12:30 am cause some friends took us out- dinner and a movie- for Liz's birthday which was admittedly in June, but the food was good. Japanese. Negative: Raw fish is revolting as are raw fish eggs. Liz tried one and said it was good, so I tried one and it was horrid. Like biting down on an eyeball. (there's an image for Liz-she is so easily grossed out by eye related things) But really that was what is was like. But the rest of the food was very good and there was plenty of it. There- I counterbalanced with a postitive. Oh to the devil with it- I like negative! To The Abyss with it! And the company was good and that was the main point.

Movie- "PS I love you" Liz and Dawn picked it while I protested. Now- I actaully can enjoy a girlie romancie flick so dont try to make this in to a man prejudice thing- but the movie sucked. Seeeeeeeeeeeeriously. Avoid at all costs. So bad I had to get up and leave the theater part way through and stroll for a good half hour. And I dont walk out on movies much. Occassionally though, one just turns my stomach such that I can't stay. this was one. BARF BARF BARF BARF BARF BARF BARF. a million Barfs will not suffice. (ok I feel compelled to demonstrate that I am not just man prejudiced against love/death girl movies but that this movie actually did SUUUUUUCK- I will do it by naming 2 such movies that were good : The Lakehouse and Shall we Dance?- I can give both of those fairly positive reviews and even can state that they are both quite clean, which is soooo nice.)

Argh. Anyhow.

Ah more negative comments: I'm so glad Hilary came in third. She is seriously the most annoying person on the planet and the main reason I hope she does not get the nod is because ... she's like ... PeeWee Herman and Marsha Stewart and Queen Latifah and a nice bucket of headlice and everything else irritating and just OH SHUT UP FOR ONCE all rolled into one Annoying-zilla thing, and I really would just rather not have to look at her for another year. I think I'd rather have Jahoveh's Witnesses at my door every day. I rather have my tech support calls routed to India. She's like a Martha Stewart with headlice converted to Jahoveh's Witness taking tech support calls in India, for Queen Latifah's internet service, covered in skunk bile type annoying.

"Hallo my name iss Hillary would you care to order some home furnishings or become a psychopath while you wait?" "Would you like applesauce or mayonaise on your hot dog?"

So happy to see her get slaughtered.

Jimminy its now 1:30am! I think i must have been wrong about the time earlier. I know I have not babbled for an hour.

Speaking of Martha Stewart I hope she does get headlice.

I should obviously go to bed. Ah- I am reading the golden compass just out of sheer bloody mindedness- there was so much negative press going around I decided to read it and see. So far I have not been mind numbingly offended. I'm 2/3 the way through book one. It's not to my mind all that stunningly great reading either. On a par with... oh name any mediocre book, its maybe just a shade better than that. yammldy hammldy.

Ah- I thought of a new palindrome:

"Ergo, Ogre!"

a bit meaningless really.

Your faithful potentate-
Clamensa Ledoroius IV in waiting


Renae said...

Wow, you and Liz are just a couple of rays of sunshine! That's alright, I still found your post amusing. And yes, in John's defense, he is exeptionally tolarable of chick flicks, especially for a man. Bruce has pretty much ruined all sappy chick flicks for me. I can't remember the time I actually saw a chick flick. Bruce has no tollerance what-so-ever. I'm nice enough not to insist. I do however, get really really really sick of his tv habits. They consist of watching fighting and hunting. Let's just say, he's not as courteous as I am, in that area.

Renae said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Renae said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bruce said...

man John, tell us how you Really feel about Hilary!

timpani76 said...

What comments did you delete? Why did you not like "PS I Love You"? Really, you have to tell me because I wanted to see that, and it was on my list of movies I might see alone this week. Be intelligent, don't just say BARF a hundred times. I also would like to see "JUNO" about a clever pregnant teenage girl (well, maybe not so clever since she got pregnant).

I read that the really bad parts of the Golden Compass trilogy don't come until the third book? Ok, after you read the Golden Compass tell me if there really is some bit in there about female circumcision, or if that was just a really out there internet rumor.

lizS said...

just to give everyone a different opinion, i LIKED ps i love you. i thought it was great. there was one scene i thought they could do without, (the obligatory no-reason-for-it sex scene), but other than that, it was a good 'un. there, now you can be totally confused.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what comments got deleted, I did not do it. I can only assume the writer of the comments deleted them. Who are you mystry deletor? Identify yourself!

I shall tell in detail later since you insist, Timpani, why I BARF BARF BARF at this movie. (This movie was not released- it was excreted.) but now I fear I must sleep. more later

Love ya all so grand to hear from you-

Renae said...

I wrote and deleted the comments. I also had to delete a whole entry on my blog. It contained my own bits of complainings about my husband and out tv problems. I deleted them, because as nice LDS people, we aren't supposed to abuse our spouses. I might even need to delete my original comment. This one too possibly. Let's just say that the other day, after an hour or two of boxing (Bruce's defense was that I was asleep for most of it-why the heck would I want to stay awake for that?) Anyway, after a couple of hours of boxing, I asked if we could change the channel. I then got to watch a guy hunt and kill a huge elk. Oh joy of joys! Darn, I'm doing it again! al;sdkfja;lskdjfl;aksdjfl;akjfl;kjjfk I'll never go anywhere but to the bad place.

lizS said...

renae, if that is the worst you ever do to bruce, then i'm sure your spot in heaven is assured.

timpani76 said...

In general, it's best to stay on the positive side of the force with regard to spouse complaints, but, Renae, you have a broken rib, and your pregnant. Maybe your entitled to a few "negative" moments here and there just so you don't explode or have things start coming out of your ears (blood, bits of brain, that sort of thing).

Eyepoke said...

Wait a second!

Hey PREGANT LADY! what are you doing in the computer room?!!! get back in the kitchen!! (you aren't wearing shoes are you!?!?!?!?)


Anonymous said...

Renae! You broke a rib?! Man that stinks! I hope you feel better soon. (Did that rotten baby do it to you?)