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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ooompy Ooompy!

Ooompy Ooompy!

Who knew that the John Sever groupies could be such a passle of passionate, compassionate, issue-oriented, free-thinking, informed culture warriors? Well I suppose on second thought that it should come as no suprize. I mean we are all used to thinking of John as this muscle bound, cocky rockstar/Norse God who doesn't do anything except win Magic Tournaments, smart off to cops, and hang out at the beach reading sci-fi and working out--- But I think we all knew that underneath that simple fun-loving facade he was really one of the great poltical, religious, and scientific thinkers of all time. Should be no suprize that his fans would be cut out of similiar cloth.

Yeah all, I talked to him- he was really stoked about last posts discussion and asked me to tell you all Thanks so much for posting and more especially for caring. The A-word really is the issue of our time, he wanted me to tell you. He's been backwards and forwards through time and He knows man, he knows!! He says its our time's equilvalent to slavery in the 1850's (as we all know from last post), Naziism in the 1940's, The spanish inquistition of when ever that was... yeah baby.

He also had a message : "Save the babies, Save the world"

He apologizes for having to bail, but he had absorbed too much power in one of his recent battles as a super-hero and had to go off somewhere safe and sparsely populated so that he could go nuclear without doing too much damage. He may have a scar next time you see him, but I wouldn't worry too much- He is one tough beast... and I am pretty sure he also absorbed some serious healing factor that should see him through in the end, though no doubt it will cost him some heroic effort. But hey- that's what he does.

Peace out Yo!

PS: BTW you might be interested to know that this weeks tune (at right), Another one bites the dust by Queen is 3:37 minutes long, and repeats the title phrase 16 times. That means that while you enjoy this week's tune, every other time Fred says the key phrase- yeah- Another one actually does bite the dust. That's the world we live in. I'm sorry- John's working on it though.

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BTW- thanks for stopping in AS.

I knew who you were.