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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Vermin

When I first allowed this fanclub to come into existance, one thing I insisted on, as you recall, was that cuteness be avoided as one would avoid a plague-bearing rodent. And so we have done. Well done.

Unfortunately Christmas time brought to my home an item or so that I can only classify as verminous with cuteness in the form of uninventive droll little newsletters. Now, I will admit that I myself tried to write one of these this year but after I was done, I supressed it as being... well, irritating.

I suppose that people who write these are not intentionally malevolent. In fact I have had some that I quite liked and even anticpated. My Uncle Robert has written one in rhyme for several years in a row that is always worthwhile and silly, for example. So its not the concept of a Christmas newsletter that I find replusive- only the content of some of them- which make me want to collar the author and scream in her face:

"Your new baby is ugly and I am sure your husband is a still a loser even with his new promotion!"

I am aware that this is not the proper Christian attitude.


timpani76 said...

I think the proper thing would be to post these horrible newsletters so we could all make fun of them. Really, it's selfish to keep all your inner dialog jokes to yourself!

Seriously, who wrote the letter you made fun of? I have to know! (or I'll get used to disappointment, whichever).

Anonymous said...

Oi... I could get into alot of trouble...

Renae said...

Yeah, I'd have to agree. Christmas letters do tend to come off as a bit "my family's better than yours." Intentionally or not.
Probably usually not intentionally. But I think you are one of the only ones brave enough to say so.

Anonymous said...

Aww shucks, guys. I don't send these newsletters out, but the idea is to share your happy news and progress with people who you wish well, and hope they feel the same about you. Try to take them as they're meant (although the post WAS funny and made me laugh): just an update. (I don't read them either.)