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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Vermin

When I first allowed this fanclub to come into existance, one thing I insisted on, as you recall, was that cuteness be avoided as one would avoid a plague-bearing rodent. And so we have done. Well done.

Unfortunately Christmas time brought to my home an item or so that I can only classify as verminous with cuteness in the form of uninventive droll little newsletters. Now, I will admit that I myself tried to write one of these this year but after I was done, I supressed it as being... well, irritating.

I suppose that people who write these are not intentionally malevolent. In fact I have had some that I quite liked and even anticpated. My Uncle Robert has written one in rhyme for several years in a row that is always worthwhile and silly, for example. So its not the concept of a Christmas newsletter that I find replusive- only the content of some of them- which make me want to collar the author and scream in her face:

"Your new baby is ugly and I am sure your husband is a still a loser even with his new promotion!"

I am aware that this is not the proper Christian attitude.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

the hardest thing i have ever endured

something horrible has occured. The cover fell off of my copy of "The Hunt for Red October".

Granted, I don't really super-love this book or anything. I am not even real sure I have ever read it cover to cover. But now, with the cover off I will be forever denied that chance! For all of eternity!

I guess i could tape it. or borrow a copy from the library.