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Sunday, October 21, 2007


Yesterday I got up at 3 am and drove 2 hours so that I could run 11 miles and then drive another 2 hours home, all on 4 hours sleep.


Illinois River Valley Relay. Was a good time. Expect for the 4hours driving part. Ashley, Renae, Todd, Bruce and Terry- and me- we called ourselves "the ES Dynasty". oh wait I should explain. We were a six person relay team. Togther we covered 60 miles in lengths of, on average 3.5 miles each. We each ran 3 times, while the rest of the team cruised ahead in Terry's van to the next transition area to wait for the next hand off.

This race was my penace for my crappy Woodriver Triathalon in August.

Felt good running the whole day. Never really felt like I was suffering. Funnily, the first time I did the Woodriver triathalon, I did it on about 4hrs sleep also. I have a theory going now that while it is on the whole better to sleep well before you run, that there are some beneficial side effects to sleep deprivation when you are running. Its like you know how your body gets all relaxed stuff when you are sleepy? Well you are supposed to be relaxed when you run too, and I would say that the main charictaristic of my run yesterday was Relaxed.

There were many teams more --- intense-- than ours out there. There are hardcore atheltes at these things that put us in our place... One guy Todd was talking to is doing 7 marathons this year. I have no idea how you have that kind of time to train.

Oh hey - I have written my own peice of HTML code for this event, its pretty cool:

reach out and feel the screen riiiight

There. What you just felt is an exact replica of how my calf muscles feel to the touch today.
Peace out yo!

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Renae said...

That was a lot of fun. I'll have to say that there was some suffering on my end (but I am glad to report that I'm not all that sore. It was kind of a bummer that I had to sit in the van and do so much on that computer! Oh well, I barely finished it, and it turned out well. Next time I will be more involved.