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Friday, September 7, 2007

Spelling "correctly" not important below:

Hi ho, here I am late at night sitting at my computer reveling in my inborn genetic superiority, eating chips, and failing to go to sleep like a wise person would. I must say that knowing that just about ANYBODY- even a loser- might read this is a bit wierdifying to me. Not sure what is driving me to expose myself in such a rash cavalier way. Normally I like to insulate myself from the majority of the species that I evolved from...


I dont know if I like having a fanclub yet. We will have to see. I keep thinking of the dread pirate roberts:
"Good night fanclub. Thank you for everything. I'll most likely delete you in the morning"

For one thing I am not a girl and I doubt that I will ever tell you much about my kids or my domestic endeavors. All you need know about my kids is that they have inherited my genetic perfection. My native goodlooks, my mindblowing intellect, my charisma, my amazing physical strength, endurance and agility, they have it also. Of course, what did you expect.

Also I abominate and despise cuteness in all its forms. Cuteness in an animal is usually a cute way of saying Verminous. Or to put it another way, Cuteness is verminous way of saying Verminous. Or to put it another way, Verminous is a cute way of saying cuteness? Or to put it a verminous way, Verminous is cute way of saying Another...?

Point being, I have seen some blogs that are verminous. I shall delete this one posthaste if it becomes so.

(I feel compelled to insert hear that Renae's Blog (my sister) is not counted as verminous. She does discuss her kids and house. That is ok.I like reading her. She is funny.)http://renylousworld.blogspot.com/

I see that I am tired now, but I will leave you with the following thoughts about the French.
It so happens that in my pursiut for intellectual greatness, I am currently reading a book about Joan of Arc. It's by Mark Twain. I never heard of it before, but there it is, it exists. She was pretty cool, I must say. I must someday find out who St. Catherine and St. Margarete were. Apparently they kept appearing to her (Joan), you see, and I am inclined to believe it to be true, so I am curious as to who they were in life. St. Michael the arch-angel also appeared to her, she claimed, but not so often, but of course I know who he was.

Anyway, I have lately wondered this:
What does it say about your country when its two most notable warriors were:
1) a teen-age girl
2)a guy with a complex named after him?

I see from the news that Madeleine L'Engle died. That is sad.
I also see that Britney Spears is still alive. That is also sad.


Renae said...

Neato John. The Glob Bug has gotten you too? I'm glad that you don't think my glob too verminous. I noticed a week ago or so that you had started two globs with not much on them. I shall be checkin in on you. P.S. yes, it is sad that Britney Spears is still alive. She is the first to go into "The Hole"!!! Others include Paris Hilton, the ACLU, Christina Agbarfulara, pretty much every rap fartist that ever existed (except for LL Cool J, he can stay), and a host of other brainless gits in Hollywood.

Renae said...

I must admit, that Bob song is growing on me. Oozy rat in a sanitary zoo- Where did he come up with them all?

Eyepoke said...

Hey Neigh!

Thanks for stopping in...

I really don't know how far I am going to go with this Blog thing... but it does have some kinda odd appeal yes?

Love ya-

timpani76 said...

Ok, it's nice that you have ANOTHER blog. One not shared with your sister, or anyone else. How old are you in that picture with your hand outstretched? I swear I can't remember you with long hair.

Anonymous said...

19-20 ish

Anonymous said...

i must say that my husband is very funny. yes indeed, hilarious. we all really know that I am the famous one. poor guy, has to do SOMETHING to feel important.

Renae said...

Pornography?! Ha ha ha ha!

Renae said...

Oh, and the inspiring words. That's got to be one of the funniest ones in the scriptures.