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Friday, September 21, 2007


If you chat with my wife you will know that I start Halloween in August or July. My second favorite holiday you know.

I've developed some... habits in gearing up for the big day. For a few years I have been reading Roger Zelazney's "A Night in the Lonesome October" each year around this time. Renae mentioned looking for reading material. I recommend this book to ANYONE. Its really one of a kind. I love it. Trent has my copy right now, and I was pleased to see it take hold on him while he was up here a weekend or two back.

I also reread:
Fred Saberhagen's Dracula books (see previous post)
Barbara Hambly's "Traveling with the Dead" and "Those who Hunt the Night"
Marion Zimmer Bradley's "Ghostlight"

Perennial favorite movies:
Practical Magic- this is kind of a me and Liz flick- not really scary- when we first saw it in the theater when we were dating, we liked it enough that we went back and saw the next showing that very night

Signs- well really any of Night Shylaman's work, (The Village, Unbreakable, The 6th sense DUH!) but Signs is my favorite. I save his movies for Halloween time.
I have been saving his "Lady in the Water" all year for October.
Let me reiterate though- Signs- I love it. See it if you haven't and need a great scary movie that doesn't make you feel slimy afterwards.

Arsenic and Old Lace with Cary Grant- not scary but fun.

And if you haven't seen The Prestige by now, let me just say this: You're a complete idiot. Same with The Illusionist.

Speaking of scary, we just saw Disturbia. Recommend it. Scary, with class. No gore just for the sake of going for the gross out. Pretty much everything I recommend here I can say is good that way. No blood just to be sickening. Blood, maybe but done well, if you get my drift.

Also if you haven't read "Dracula" as in the book "Dracula" by Bram Stoker, well have a go at it sometime. (or have a goat -it sometime. Or have a goa tit sometime.) I found it worth the effort. Although it was an effort- like Lord of the Rings.

But I am always looking for new blood- no pun. I need recommendations. What Halloweensy appropriate reading/viewing material can you turn me on to? Keep in mind, I took a vow of non R rated movies a few years back-

...better than a vow of celibacy. Or a vow of Imbecility- pretty much the same thing though, now that I come to reflect on it. Better than being kicked in the groin by a stegosaurus. Better than flinging onesself from a tall building. Better than being trampled to death by a herd of bulldozers. Better than rubbing butter all over your face. Better than being puked up by a monster. Better than living in Utah. Better than drowning. Better than drowning in cold oil. Better than a sandpaper swimsuit.


timpani76 said...

DUDE! You forgot THE STAND! I would also go with Carrie for SK scary books that aren't too weird. I agree with SIGNS for scariness with no gore (and by gore I mean Al Gore, now that's scary!).

timpani76 said...

I forgot a really good scary movie Erik and I like. It's called "THE FRIGHTENERS" with Micheal J. Fox. Scary, but also with a PLOT. Rated PG-13, almost sure.

Anonymous said...

The frighteners... ok I will have to check it out. thanks for the tip.

Ive been out of town all week... more on that later... very very very very very happy to be home.

home is good.

hmmm.... I started HG wells's "the war of the worlds" this last week and it seemed rather promising. Unfortuneately, a series of annoying events have lead to my copy of it being utterly drenched- as in like it was triple its natural wieght with water... so I have to wait til it drys out to finish it.

One off shoot of having no TV as a child is that I am very familiar with the classic Orson welles radio version of War of the Worlds, so I was suprized to learn that the original is set in England not America. I am now considering seeing the Tom cruise movie version just for comparision sake although when it came out I took a solem oath that I would never ever ever see it.

Have to confess that I am not as in to Stephen King as I was 12 years ago...

Anyhow... seroiusly anymore ideas for viewing and reading material would be GREAT.


timpani76 said...

I ordered "Premonition" with Sandra Bullock from blockbuster.com, I will let you know if it sucks or not.

I thought "The Forgotten" with Julianne Moore was pretty scary (also PG-13) especially if you have kids.

Oooh, did you ever see the original Poltergeist movie? It's rated PG.