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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fred Saberhagen: May 18, 1930-Jun. 29, 2007

This is late news, but I just found out today that another icon of my life, Fred Saberhagen, sci-fi fantasy author is gone. I've been reading him more than half my life; he is one of my favorites. An icon in my life, really. He wrote a great Dracula series, and also The Swords/lost Swords series that I followed religiously all through high school. Sad to see him go. I started a new book of his today- "The Frankenstein Papers" -sort of as a way to mourn a complete stranger who, never-the-less, was a part of my life.

Actually I did correspond with him once-
That is I sent him a rather babbling fan email once from work when I was faced with an hour of nothing to do at all, and he responded in a breif, friendly way. It was cool for me.

So I am sad in a small way.

He has been in the afterlife about a month and a half... I wonder if he has met the historical Dracula yet?

Some of my favorite Fred Saberhagen books are:
A Matter of Taste
The Dracula Tape
The Holmes Dracula File
(See below:)

Also a nice little obit on him:


Renae said...

Hey, I just thought I'd tell you that I now have Salmon of Doubt winging it's way to my pile of reserved library books on tape. I tried for a Fred Saberhagen, I've never read any of his stuff. It always looked too...guyish. But as I've been through all of the good stuff I can think of on tape, I thought I'd give it a try. They only had Dancing Bear recorded. I didn't get it this time. I'll gladly take more suggestions from unmoronic people. I do love a good book on tape. My life just can't handle any actual manual reading at this point. (Except for scriptures, of course) That is unless I could read it to my kids at bedtime or something.

timpani76 said...

Sorry Saberhagen died! I did not know he died either. Robert Jordan died this week (didn't Liz like him too?). Danielle wrote me an e-mail about him dying. He apparently has enough notes for them to finish the 12th (and last) book in the Wheel of Time Series. I think the vampire novels are the only thing I read by Saberhagen.

Anonymous said...

About a year ago I joined an online Saberhagen-Dracula discussion group, that very occasionally Fred himself or his wife Joan would dip into. This is where I learned about Fred's passing.
I posted essentially the same thoughts there as I did here and garnered a brief response from Joan Saberhagen. I'm childishly pleased by this...

"John and group

Thank you for your kind words of condolence.

Hope we continue to share our enjoyment of Fred's work.



Anonymous said...

I had not heard about Robert Jordan. Liz was into his seris, I believe.

Geesh, three posts on this blog, and all of them mention the passing of an author I liked... what the heck?