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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cookies and The Salmon of Doubt


I hope you can read this because I have dearly been wanting to share it with somebody since I read it a day or two ago. I read it to my wife and she laughed, but that only made me want to pass it on further.

Its from "The Salmon of Doubt" which is a post-humousedly published collection of miscellaneuos writings by Douglas Adams. Most of you will know that Douglas Adams in one of my absolute Idols, along with Neil Peart (of Rush).


Anonymous said...

lol, that is a gag!!! if my mother and brother werent trying to go to sleep i would have laughed louder. but i was already laughing kinda of loud.

Eyepoke said...


Anyhow glad you laughed.

Renae said...

That were a funny un!

timpani76 said...

Ok, this is NOT from a Salmon of Doubt John. Erik agrees with me. We have both read this story and neither one of us has read A Salmon of Doubt.

Anonymous said...

sorry, I am holding Salmon of doubt in my hand as I type, looking at the very thing I scanned and posted.

Salmon of Doubt, like I said is a collection of stuff published after he died. I would not be suprized to learn that "cookies" was published elsewhere 1st.


timpani76 said...

I thought Salmon of a Doubt was the next Dirk Gently book? It's just a collection of stuff he already wrote? Or is it new stuff too?

Eyepoke said...

Ah, clever of you...

From what I have gathered, "The Salmon of Doubt" was the working title of a Dirk Gently novel that he never finished. That title was adopted for this collection that I have been reading.

Part of this collection is 5-6 chapters of the Dirk Gently book that he never finished. Let me say that it is sad that he could not finish it because some of what I read was laugh out loud hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I laughed to hard, I couldn't breathe! Oh my goodness! Tears rolling down my bright red face! My husband looking at me like I'd just crawled out from under a rock! Curious about what had made me laugh so hard, he let me read it to him, only to find out that I had built it up so much by my ridiculously long and raucous fit of laughter, that he didn't think it was THAT funny, and therefore, not very funny at all. *sigh* Them's the breaks.