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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Vermin

When I first allowed this fanclub to come into existance, one thing I insisted on, as you recall, was that cuteness be avoided as one would avoid a plague-bearing rodent. And so we have done. Well done.

Unfortunately Christmas time brought to my home an item or so that I can only classify as verminous with cuteness in the form of uninventive droll little newsletters. Now, I will admit that I myself tried to write one of these this year but after I was done, I supressed it as being... well, irritating.

I suppose that people who write these are not intentionally malevolent. In fact I have had some that I quite liked and even anticpated. My Uncle Robert has written one in rhyme for several years in a row that is always worthwhile and silly, for example. So its not the concept of a Christmas newsletter that I find replusive- only the content of some of them- which make me want to collar the author and scream in her face:

"Your new baby is ugly and I am sure your husband is a still a loser even with his new promotion!"

I am aware that this is not the proper Christian attitude.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

the hardest thing i have ever endured

something horrible has occured. The cover fell off of my copy of "The Hunt for Red October".

Granted, I don't really super-love this book or anything. I am not even real sure I have ever read it cover to cover. But now, with the cover off I will be forever denied that chance! For all of eternity!

I guess i could tape it. or borrow a copy from the library.

Monday, October 29, 2007


This is the sound track of all my childhood Halloweens. (with some almost completely random pics attached)

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I was recently offended by a box of breakfast cereal that I was eating.

It had some supposedly educational material on the back, all about the lives of honey bees. (the cereal had honey in it i think hence the tie in) It told about three types of honey bees, and I have to say that as a man, I was offended.

One type of bee, a female bee, it explained, does no work except to laze around the hive all day, mating with the multiple partner bees, laying far more eggs than it can ever afford, and eating food that it freeloads off other decent hard working bees.

What would you expect entomologists to name this lowest of insects? The Lowlife bee? The Slattern Bee? The Trailer-trash Welfare-check bee? No. Simply because this bee is a female they call this creature THE QUEEN BEE!

Ok, you might say, sure but you cant equate animal and human behavior like that. Fine, I say, I'll bite, lets play the game. Lets just suppose there was no anti-male agenda at work here. Fine.

So then my cereal box tells me about another type of bee, a male bee this time, that has basically the same job. It does no work, its only function in the hive is reproductive. These are the males bees from which the Queen draws her multiple partners. I would assume this bee is called the King Bee or maybe the Stud Bee. Oh no. This bee is called the Drone. Not even the Drone Bee- just drone. Its like the anti man entomologists can barely acknowledge that males and females are the same species.

The third type of bee is called a Worker Bee, and of course its female, and its the one the queen leaches off of.

It is difficult being male in this dark, female dominated world, where a guy can't even eat breakfast with out having his gender held against him in a subtle plot between female scientist oppressors and their cohorts in the breakfast cereal packaging business.

Why is it that women can wear slacks and button down shirts in the business world, but if a man wears a skirt he is labeled as some kind of freak? And neck ties? the silliest most useless peice of clothing in the universe- you never see them advertised to women. And why is it that women can go sleeveless and in sandals to formal dress up events, but the only place a man can do the same is on the beach? Why is it that women can wear any color they want and be dressed up- but a man in a pastel tuxedo is only seen in the movie Dumb and Dumber?

I'll tell you why- because women control the fashion industry.

Why can you study feminism in college but not masculinism?

Its time men stood up to this type of centuries old female oppression and burn their neck ties, and wear sandals, tanktops and denim to church. After all we are bigger and stronger and more streamlined.

Ps: this was a joke. who cares about stupid bees? ties are dum its true but so are pastels. women do control the fashion industry, but who cares about that? fashion smashion. Its for babies anyway. It is obviously a bit screwy that you can study feminism but not masculinism... but the obviousness of it makes it all a bit of a joke anyway doesn't it? And I am bigger and stronger. Im also smarter, but thats cause I'm John Sever, not because I'm male. I do hate ties though. I wish President Hinckley would quit wearing his. 1000 points to anyone who can explain why we wear ties. Hate em. I quit wearing them when I was 14, and only started again cause I had to on my mission.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Yesterday I got up at 3 am and drove 2 hours so that I could run 11 miles and then drive another 2 hours home, all on 4 hours sleep.


Illinois River Valley Relay. Was a good time. Expect for the 4hours driving part. Ashley, Renae, Todd, Bruce and Terry- and me- we called ourselves "the ES Dynasty". oh wait I should explain. We were a six person relay team. Togther we covered 60 miles in lengths of, on average 3.5 miles each. We each ran 3 times, while the rest of the team cruised ahead in Terry's van to the next transition area to wait for the next hand off.

This race was my penace for my crappy Woodriver Triathalon in August.

Felt good running the whole day. Never really felt like I was suffering. Funnily, the first time I did the Woodriver triathalon, I did it on about 4hrs sleep also. I have a theory going now that while it is on the whole better to sleep well before you run, that there are some beneficial side effects to sleep deprivation when you are running. Its like you know how your body gets all relaxed stuff when you are sleepy? Well you are supposed to be relaxed when you run too, and I would say that the main charictaristic of my run yesterday was Relaxed.

There were many teams more --- intense-- than ours out there. There are hardcore atheltes at these things that put us in our place... One guy Todd was talking to is doing 7 marathons this year. I have no idea how you have that kind of time to train.

Oh hey - I have written my own peice of HTML code for this event, its pretty cool:

reach out and feel the screen riiiight

There. What you just felt is an exact replica of how my calf muscles feel to the touch today.
Peace out yo!

Wisdom of Rush--Rush of Wisdom

In the sweetest child there's a vicious streak
In the strongest man there's a child so weak
In the whole wide world there's no magic place
So you might as well rise put on your bravest face
-Rush, Bravest Face

I can learn to close my eyes
To anything but injustice
I can learn to get along
With all the things I don't know
-Rush, Resist

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Guestbook and Graffiti

First time here? Congratulations on finding the source for greatness. Leave a quick note to tell us you were here. Tell us why you are such a huge John Sever fan!

Old here? Feel free to leave any type of graffiti you please.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Insult Archive

You are mildy smelly.
You sawed-off pot-bellied imbecilic flea-bitten bum!
Your children are vermin!
Why you reprehensible pip-squeak!
You blithering idiot!
May each snowflake be as an angel spitting on you.
You foul bauble of man's vanity!
May you be mistaken for a spittoon.
You are a cross-eyed bear.
I hope you trip into a vat of eels.
I hope you get stepped on by an Apotosaurus! On Jupiter!
The next time you go to a fast food joint, I hope you fall into the fry vat naked!
Blubber Eater!
Get off your soapbox you snake-handling, baby-killing polygamist FREAK!
I hope you get run over by your mom!
Happy Easter Ya Dope!!
Your head smells like boiled-onions.
I hope you slide down a 300ft tall palm tree naked!
I hope you are severely inconvienced!
I hope you breathe in gaseous mercury which then liquifies in your lungs
I would like to watch you fall down a flight of stairs.
May your dentist go mad, mid-procedure.
May you go mad.
May you encounter a cannibal.
May you encounter a cannonball.
May you become a cannibal.
May you become a cannonball.
You miserable bucket of Spittle!
I hope a Bird Poops on your Soul.
Eat your Donkey!
I hope you get rabies from the Pope.
I hope a mallet hits you on the head!
Today you are not even worth insulting.
May you sell your soul to the Devil and only get a bit of cheese for it.
You Flatulent Hussy!
Ya Filthy Animal!
Ya daft Bugger!
You Overwieght Glob of Grease!
You oafish, drooling, semi-evolved pervert !
(Overheard): Whatever, Towel-head, why don't you just go strap a bomb to yourself and get it over with
You are an infestation
Listen three-eyes, don't you try to out-wierd me, I get stranger things than you free with my breakfast cereal!
Stupid Crap-doggie
Your mom is a toothless, bearded Hag!
May you be forced to digest caltrops.
Your religon is dum.
You are a vomit sandwich.
You are an insecure dweebe.
Jesus hates you and so do I! (shouted at me once from a passing car)
Pasty, Bloated Codfish
You are a Blot on the human race.
You are Jessica Simpson's intellect in Jabba the Hutt's body
Your mom loves you because she's a moron.
I hope you pee your pants during your next job interview.
Your mom's so dum she probably likes Obama.
May the Pope run over you in his new tractor.
Degenerate Buffoon!
You are an error
You are ugly on the inside as well as the outside.
Is that barf, or did you dress yourself this morning?
Jobless Hobo!
Nice make-up. I assume Walmart was out of paper bags?
Stick a needle in your eye!
May a salesman visit your door every hour
You drink much sour wine to forget what you once were before you pledged yourself to the corruption that is Chaos!
A plague on both your houses!
May you continue to suffer from transgender disphoria.
If you had a real life you wouldn't spend so much time on the internet.
Your face is a Rat-Pumpkin!
May a tornado embed your spine in a pine tree.
Your mom's fat.
Today's insult is too complex for your simple mind to comprehend.
Ye Festering chalice of Bile!
Go live in an Alien Antfarm!
Today, I hope you need to Stop, Drop, and Roll.
Today, I hope you need to Stop, Drop, and Roll, at the same time as you have to Duck and Cover.
Today, I hope you need to Stop, Drop, and Roll,and Duck and Cover, all while recieving the Heimlich manuver.
Go stick your head in a pig.
May you drink deeply from the flagon of suffering.
Go swim in a septic tank again.
May you be scorched.
You are a fool, devoid of thought.
Thou spawn of Hell!
To the Abyss with you!
Your words are poison.
May the sun absorb you in its firey bosom.
May your bodily functions lose all sense of propriety.
You son of a motherless goat!
You son of a goatless mother!
You goat of a motherless son!
You mother of a goatless son!
You're Pathetic
You can't do anything right
I wish you had never been BORN
Near-sighted Gynecologist
You Filthy Quisling!
You Lewd, Crude, Bag of Prechewed Food!
You are a Maggot Burger with everything on it and a side order of Flies!
I think you are a liar and your beliefs are stupid.(used on me once)
You Two-toned slime-coated Zebra-headed Paramecium Brain!
Son of a Hilary!
I hope you get reincarnated as a dung beetle 3 million times in a row!
You Dirty-double Crossing, No-Good for nothing, lowndown Skunk-bait!
How about if I give you The Finger?
Kiss my leprosy.
I wish you a nightmarish afterlife.
You gutless earth worm!
I hope you die and cease to exist, and that your life was a complete waste of time!
A pox o' your throat!
You bawling, blasphemous, incharitable dog!
Hang, cur, hang! You whoreson, insolent noise-maker!
You decrepit, old has-been!
Zark off!
You egg-sucking, sheep-stealing, one-eyed son of a stuffed monkey!
May the Hammer of Thor pulverize your family!
You disgust me. (I used this one last year on an elderly black woman)
Die, Rat-Face!
You would be a good gift at a Tongan funeral. (and you are not a bag of Flour.)
Go sandpaper your eyes out!
I hope you get rabies and die!
I hope you are itchy all day today.
You smell of poison of stupidity
People like you should be struck.
You pool of spittle
Gork for brains!
Confusion to your allies
May you sleep the sleep of the terrified tonight.
May you awaken to fresh horrors.
At lunch time I hope you spill it.
May all your foes vanquish you!
I wish you deep sadness.
Go kick yourself in the instestines.
May you live to see the inside of a whale's intestines.
I hope your last name is inadventently changed to Intestine.
Is that your face or your intestines?
You smell like intestines.
Eat Intestines!
Is that your brain or did you run out of shampoo?
I hope encounter a stomach pump today
Nice hair cut. What were you in for?
You loooooove Michael Ball!
Nice tattoo. Probably you save a lot on make-up that way.
You brainless Guffalump!!
You skinny walpwinder!
You are a failure.
You make me want to shrivle up and die rather than admit that we are the same species
Go sandpaper your eyes out!
Foul one!
Brainless Doodle-head.
Today, I hope you get a puncture wound
Go hang yourself with your own intestines!
I hope you drop a brick on your eyeball.
You are an ibble-wiplicker!
Devil worshipper!
Today I hope you trip over your own intestines, into a tub of intestines!
Go iron your fingers!
May you have terrifying nightmares while driving
I hope your primary means of transport gets stolen.
May you be caught in a rain of anvils!
Today, I hope your true love marries another.
I hope your primary means of transport gets stolen, and I hope it was your feet
May you contract an intestinal disease
May you give birth to a porcupine. Breach.
May a furniture dolly break while you are using it.
May you wind up working at the DMV!
Today, I dispair of ever finding an insult equal to your many inadequacies.
You are a bad speller
Is that your pet walrus or did you bring your spouse along?
Nice Brain.What else did you find at the yard sale?
You make me feel sorry for the ugly tree.
I HaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaTE YOOOOOOOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Malachi 2:3
You loooooove Michael Ball!
Kiss my week old vomit bucket!
I see that something has eaten half your face away.
You are a maggoty corpse!
You are a great artist. No one can draw flies like you do.
Lick my sump pump!
You go to church with Barak Obama.
You make intestines look smart.
I hope you get the death penalty
I hope you get sooo offended by this insult that you sit down and cry like a baby. Idiot.
You're a jerk! A complete knee biter.
Insult of the day is out of order today. Why don't you go away, loser?!
May you spend your day in a Iron Lung.
Your grandma is a withered up senile old lady
dum dum
Acid in your breakfast cereal.(hydrochloric, not the drug, you old fool)
May you suffer in proportion to your ignorance!
May you be exposed to the whole law of justice.
May you throw up something still alive.
Horse bucket breath
May you give birth to a porcupine. Breach.(repeated. I know. I like this one)
May you be unable to think of a decent insult when you need one.
You think like a girl.
You are a feminist cow.
You are a filthy perverted old hag!
Bite your tongue off
On the night you were conceived your parents should have gone to the movies instead. (There ya go MC. I used your insult! Happy? It was a crap lousy insult, I must say.)
I hope you get diesel fuel in your eyes
You belong in the army of Shiz!
May you be unable to afford a bodyguard on the one day that you really need one
Here. Take this quarter. Go downtown and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face!
You son of a drunken noodlemaker!
You're Retarded!
You wretched mailboxhead!
You leaking sack of puss.
You are an unworthy Kitteneater!
You go to church with Barak Obama
Today, I hope you get kicked to death by an ostrich
May you be reincarnated as an intestine!
May you receive a posthumous pardon.
You certainly are a fatso!
Why don’t you go drink a nice glass of saliva?
You little Apple-dropper!
You smell like botulism!
I hope you get botulism!
I hope you get botulism of the intestines!
Go eat botulism infested intestines, you disgusting, twisted, warped child of filth!
You despicable coffee-drinker!
You pestilential piece of offal!
You’re a Dork!
Your face is fat.
Your wife is fat.
Your have a fat rear end.
You have a fat head.
Your intestines are fat.
No insults for you today, ya big fat dope!
You are a plague.
Go boil your face off.
May you gain even more weight. May you be mistaken for a turkey. May you break a tooth playing football. May your enemies get the lucky half of the wishbone. May you burn the dinner.
You are a zombie piglet
You little time-piddler!

Tonight, while you are trick or treating, may the monsters follow you home, may the moon be full, may your sacks be heavy, may the dark rituals summon forth a full measure of evil, and may all things be creeeepy! Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


If you were going to make a Horcrux, what physical object would you use to conceal a part of your soul in and why?

Also- who would you kill to make your Horcrux?

I am not sure yet on what my answers will be, but I think it is important that everybody thinks about this so that we can all be prepared just in case we have to make one quickly, on the fly and all.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Need Ideas


Last Halloween at our church's "Trunk or Treat" I handed out, in addition to "normal" candy, condiments. Little packets of ketchup, that is, hot sauce from Taco bell, soy sauce from Chinese places, mustard from everywhere, mayo packets, little salts and peppers, etc etc etc. We were starting to have too many in the house you see. Since the whole passing out of candy business happened in the dark, it created a very enjoyable bit of confusion later, when the kids got back into the light and started opening their bags to see what they had collected, because of course nobody had any way of knowing who gave out what. I was also flattered that one or two moms figured out that I was the one giving out mustard, without asking. So it was worth a few laughs.

But now I am wondering how to top it this year? I toyed briefly with the idea of handing out Red Bull sodas, but I have an idea that that would get me into trouble. Liz suggested whiskey, but I pointed out that that would be Illegal. I thought maybe a brick would be funny, dropped from a goodish height just to watch it break out the bottoms of their candy bags, but I am not actually cruel to children, in practice. (Although it is funny to think about.) I saw a comic once where a guy ladled out apple cider into the kids candy containers, but again- too mean. It'd be fun to get one absurdly ridiculously humongous piece of candy- like a 5 lb bag of m+ms- and give it to just one kid maybe?

So I could use some ideas...

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Threat Archive






*The Threat Archive is updated daily. Length of day varies with planet.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Idiotic Blasphemous Speculation

So Saturday we will find out who the new Couselor in the 1st presidency of the Lds church will be, as well as the new apostle. I figure there is basically a 1 in 13 chance of guessing right, as to who the new Counselor will be. So at the risk of being mauled by she-bears, who has guesses?

I last time we got new apostles I guessed David Burton and was totally wrong. So I will guess him again or Merril Bateman. (It could be our first non-white apostle- a Portuguese or Spanish speaker mebbe? But that seems too obvious.)

As to the new counselor, I'm going to guess Dallin H. Oaks, with my back up as Jeffery R. Holland.

Seems like if anyone posts a guess and turn out to be right, they should get a prize of some kind... I will have to get thinking as to what sort of prize it will be- an autographed photo of myself perhaps?

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Las Vegas Again

When I lived as a missionary for the LDS church in Las Vegas (1995-1997), I was bound by the restrictions of my order to never set foot on The Strip. So I never did. I found out instead that there is a whole ‘nuther Las Vegas where normal people have normal lives, completely separate from the over-the-top tourist madness that everyone thinks of when you say “Las Vegas“. I came to feel some real affection for those regular people and their regular lives. I never really gave The Strip side of Vegas much thought while I was there. I had very little idea what it was like in fact.

I just came back from a week of living on The Strip. (We were there this last week visiting Liz’s family)

Here is what the Strip is like:

-Being mooned over and over and over. Kind of like the scene in Braveheart where the whole Scottish army exposes their Scottish bums to the English army.

-People literally walk into a casinos with the absolute intention of leaving the casino with less money than they went in with, and with nothing to show for it. And on the way, they pass homeless people asleep on bus stops.

-Its like an old people convention colliding with a 100 drunken bachelor parties.

-Like Britney Spears at age 60.

-Like the Emporer’s new clothes. (in more ways than one)

-Like if the Midwest if you took away the lawns and instead scattered naked lady playing cards on the sidewalks. (very literally- It is so nice to be back in the Midwest where I can just look at the litter with out seeing inartistic nudes. And there really is no grass.)

Now I hate to be so negative about things. I mean, I very much am in favor of having fun. Life’s no fun without it. But when I want to have fun, the strip is almost the last place I would want to go. (The heart of the sun, and 5'x1'x1' crate would be worse, marginally)

Think about it- In so many ways The Strip is the exact opposite of me. Does that make sense?

If it doesn’t let me know, I will explain it.

I had a touch of revelation while I was there, I think. I was thinking about how ironic to send ME to VEGAS on a mission. Then it came to me that one of my assets is just that: The Strip holds almost no temptations for me. It was a nice feeling. Sort of an : “Atta boy” from Father, and unexpected.

We took a some time to tour around some of my old stomping grounds- a lot has changed in 10+ years. My apartments have been torn down. A lot of my old ghettos look actually much less ghettoy- safer- more friendly- cleaner. A few things are still there- a truck stop me and Snave used to go to- Marsha’s trailer park- the chapel where a friend of mine was later murdered by a random drive by. But a decade changes alot. Sadly, I am not in touch with any one from Las Vegas any more, although I do stay maintain contact with a woman who I met under absolutely miracle circumstances- a great lady- who has since moved from Vegas. And there are several others who I would like to be in touch with but who I cannot find.

So its good to be home. And I miss the real Las Vegas a bit- by which I mean the people I knew back then. Maybe I will try to hunt a few of them down.

So what did I miss while I was gone?

Friday, September 21, 2007


If you chat with my wife you will know that I start Halloween in August or July. My second favorite holiday you know.

I've developed some... habits in gearing up for the big day. For a few years I have been reading Roger Zelazney's "A Night in the Lonesome October" each year around this time. Renae mentioned looking for reading material. I recommend this book to ANYONE. Its really one of a kind. I love it. Trent has my copy right now, and I was pleased to see it take hold on him while he was up here a weekend or two back.

I also reread:
Fred Saberhagen's Dracula books (see previous post)
Barbara Hambly's "Traveling with the Dead" and "Those who Hunt the Night"
Marion Zimmer Bradley's "Ghostlight"

Perennial favorite movies:
Practical Magic- this is kind of a me and Liz flick- not really scary- when we first saw it in the theater when we were dating, we liked it enough that we went back and saw the next showing that very night

Signs- well really any of Night Shylaman's work, (The Village, Unbreakable, The 6th sense DUH!) but Signs is my favorite. I save his movies for Halloween time.
I have been saving his "Lady in the Water" all year for October.
Let me reiterate though- Signs- I love it. See it if you haven't and need a great scary movie that doesn't make you feel slimy afterwards.

Arsenic and Old Lace with Cary Grant- not scary but fun.

And if you haven't seen The Prestige by now, let me just say this: You're a complete idiot. Same with The Illusionist.

Speaking of scary, we just saw Disturbia. Recommend it. Scary, with class. No gore just for the sake of going for the gross out. Pretty much everything I recommend here I can say is good that way. No blood just to be sickening. Blood, maybe but done well, if you get my drift.

Also if you haven't read "Dracula" as in the book "Dracula" by Bram Stoker, well have a go at it sometime. (or have a goat -it sometime. Or have a goa tit sometime.) I found it worth the effort. Although it was an effort- like Lord of the Rings.

But I am always looking for new blood- no pun. I need recommendations. What Halloweensy appropriate reading/viewing material can you turn me on to? Keep in mind, I took a vow of non R rated movies a few years back-

...better than a vow of celibacy. Or a vow of Imbecility- pretty much the same thing though, now that I come to reflect on it. Better than being kicked in the groin by a stegosaurus. Better than flinging onesself from a tall building. Better than being trampled to death by a herd of bulldozers. Better than rubbing butter all over your face. Better than being puked up by a monster. Better than living in Utah. Better than drowning. Better than drowning in cold oil. Better than a sandpaper swimsuit.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fred Saberhagen: May 18, 1930-Jun. 29, 2007

This is late news, but I just found out today that another icon of my life, Fred Saberhagen, sci-fi fantasy author is gone. I've been reading him more than half my life; he is one of my favorites. An icon in my life, really. He wrote a great Dracula series, and also The Swords/lost Swords series that I followed religiously all through high school. Sad to see him go. I started a new book of his today- "The Frankenstein Papers" -sort of as a way to mourn a complete stranger who, never-the-less, was a part of my life.

Actually I did correspond with him once-
That is I sent him a rather babbling fan email once from work when I was faced with an hour of nothing to do at all, and he responded in a breif, friendly way. It was cool for me.

So I am sad in a small way.

He has been in the afterlife about a month and a half... I wonder if he has met the historical Dracula yet?

Some of my favorite Fred Saberhagen books are:
A Matter of Taste
The Dracula Tape
The Holmes Dracula File
(See below:)

Also a nice little obit on him:

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cookies and The Salmon of Doubt


I hope you can read this because I have dearly been wanting to share it with somebody since I read it a day or two ago. I read it to my wife and she laughed, but that only made me want to pass it on further.

Its from "The Salmon of Doubt" which is a post-humousedly published collection of miscellaneuos writings by Douglas Adams. Most of you will know that Douglas Adams in one of my absolute Idols, along with Neil Peart (of Rush).

Friday, September 7, 2007

Spelling "correctly" not important below:

Hi ho, here I am late at night sitting at my computer reveling in my inborn genetic superiority, eating chips, and failing to go to sleep like a wise person would. I must say that knowing that just about ANYBODY- even a loser- might read this is a bit wierdifying to me. Not sure what is driving me to expose myself in such a rash cavalier way. Normally I like to insulate myself from the majority of the species that I evolved from...


I dont know if I like having a fanclub yet. We will have to see. I keep thinking of the dread pirate roberts:
"Good night fanclub. Thank you for everything. I'll most likely delete you in the morning"

For one thing I am not a girl and I doubt that I will ever tell you much about my kids or my domestic endeavors. All you need know about my kids is that they have inherited my genetic perfection. My native goodlooks, my mindblowing intellect, my charisma, my amazing physical strength, endurance and agility, they have it also. Of course, what did you expect.

Also I abominate and despise cuteness in all its forms. Cuteness in an animal is usually a cute way of saying Verminous. Or to put it another way, Cuteness is verminous way of saying Verminous. Or to put it another way, Verminous is a cute way of saying cuteness? Or to put it a verminous way, Verminous is cute way of saying Another...?

Point being, I have seen some blogs that are verminous. I shall delete this one posthaste if it becomes so.

(I feel compelled to insert hear that Renae's Blog (my sister) is not counted as verminous. She does discuss her kids and house. That is ok.I like reading her. She is funny.)http://renylousworld.blogspot.com/

I see that I am tired now, but I will leave you with the following thoughts about the French.
It so happens that in my pursiut for intellectual greatness, I am currently reading a book about Joan of Arc. It's by Mark Twain. I never heard of it before, but there it is, it exists. She was pretty cool, I must say. I must someday find out who St. Catherine and St. Margarete were. Apparently they kept appearing to her (Joan), you see, and I am inclined to believe it to be true, so I am curious as to who they were in life. St. Michael the arch-angel also appeared to her, she claimed, but not so often, but of course I know who he was.

Anyway, I have lately wondered this:
What does it say about your country when its two most notable warriors were:
1) a teen-age girl
2)a guy with a complex named after him?

I see from the news that Madeleine L'Engle died. That is sad.
I also see that Britney Spears is still alive. That is also sad.