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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Flying Saucer 2.0

I have redesigned my spaceship(s).
I'm such a geek. But its fun and blows off steam- plus... who knows, you know? Maybe some of these ideas will get used someday- it could happen.

A handful of images below, just for the heck of it. More later.

Monday, April 26, 2004

At the risk of being cute

True enlightenment includes watching your kids and their cousin run around your backyard with bricks, flaming sticks, and lettuce hoping to kill a rabbit.

Monday, April 19, 2004

For Timpanogas

Who's skankier, Bill Clinton, Michael Jackson or a catholic priest?

Friday, April 16, 2004

Flying Saucer 1.0

Oi. I am tired and not really in the mood to write alot, but I am inordinately jazzed about the above snapshot of the Mars vessel I have been designing. I created the above model at home with my student version of Proe-2001 (which is crap-at work I used Proe Wildfire 2.0, which is much better).

This version has an outer diameter of 200ft. It would need to rotate roughly 5.5 times a minute to simulate Earth gravity at it's outer most diameter. Like I said, I am not really in the mood to work through all the math and details tonight. The two "funnels" in the middle of the spaceship measure 300 ft end to end- long enough to stash two modern space shuttles in. The idea in my mind right now is to send about four of these type vessels to Mars, with spaceshuttles to carry crew members between ships during the year long voyage, and also to land on and take off from Mars.

Having laid this design out in 3d a couple weaknesses become apparent- one: the space shuttles are much bigger in comparsion to the rest of the ship than I had been thinking. I am afraid trying to dock a shuttle inside one of these ships, would be inviting a destructive collision. The solution as I see it right now is two fold, and obvious: Make the ship bigger. Make the shuttles smaller.

I am thinking it would not be hard to make the shuttles smaller because Mars is smaller than Earth (much see earlier post) so a shuttle will need less thrust to escape Mars's gravity. I would suggest using modern shuttles to escape earth's gravity initally, but then to leave those shuttles on Earth. These Mars shuttles might be able to be more along the lines of the LEM from the Apollo missions than the modern shuttle.

Making the ships bigger has alot of good points as well. The larger the radius of the ship, the less fast it has to spin to simulate Earth gravity for one. A really big ship- say 800 ft diameter- would only need to rotate about 2 times a minute to get the outer level to 1G.

I guess the next step for me is to find the dimensions of the LEM and modify this deisgn to accomodate something more like a robust LEM instead of a spaceshuttle.

Why I am I doing this? I dunno. Kinda the same motivation that compells kids to draw spaceships I think, whatever that is. Only I am 34 and know some physics and Pro-e. But I am having fun.

Oh here's a birds eye view:

More Later.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Wednesday, April 14, 2004


Since this is the John Sever Fanclub, your one stop source for all things John, it seems fitting to provide you with this link to a noble article composed in my honor.

Saturday, April 10, 2004

interesting sludge- an old old friend

So, some net surfing yeilded some interesting sludge yesterday. Its quite astonishing what comes up sometimes when you put an old friend's name into the browser and do a search. I found a guy who was pretty much my best friend from ages 6-13 or so. I wrote about him once on Renae and I's historical document here . This is some of what he has been up to lately (its text and quite long, but funny). Then there's this video made by the same friend that has a special place in my heart, for obvious reasons. Its short, (fair warning:f-bomb in the very last second of the vid).

But how deep does the rabbit hole really go? What can I say? Watch this.

Jealous admiration. Again. Still.

Friday, April 9, 2004

What I do at work is... well alot of it is creating 3-d computer models of the product. Its kinda fun. I did a wee extra-curricular project the other day and made a scale model of the sun and the planets. I took the above snapshots. The first one shows the compartive size of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, with a bit of the sun showing on the left. The second image shows The Sun on the left in full size and then all the other planets in the same order as the in the first shot. But you can't really see Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars in the second shot, because they are just too small.

Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Continuing with the Science/ geek theme

So the other morning I woke up and started off my day, and on the drive to work, I found myself pondering how to get to Mars. This is a problem I return to periodically, but this time I really started planning and generating ideas. I found it hard to concentrate when I got to work, until I wrote my ideas down.

The problems with a manned Mars mission are mostly that you have to be gone at least 3 years. That's 3 years worth of food, air, water, fuel that you have to take with you or produce on the way, not to mention three years of unexpected emergencies you have to anticipate. Also about 2 years of that is travel time (a year there and a year back) and the havoc two years of zero gravity will play on a persons muscular system is nothing to sneeze at either.

So since that morning a week or so ago I have been going over this stuff in my mind and on paper in the shower, as I go to sleep, when I'm supposed to be working, and during the first session of general conference, (after the solemn assembly stuff- I was not totally inattentive).

Then yesterday this 60 minutes special popped up on planned missions to Mars and it was quite... serendipitous.

So someday I am going to blog ad nauseum about how to get people to Mars. Not tonight- need to sleep. But I don't think you can do like the Apollo missions and just send a small crew in one ship. I think you need a small fleet of ships, and a crew of like at least a dozen people, but I thinking more likely around 30. You need pilots, computer experts, medical people. And ships, I am thinking a couple dozen of them. 3-4 with fake gravity (centrifugal motion) for living quarters, another 3-4 strictly for cargo, 4-5 small ships for shuttling between the bigger ships in space, 6-8 ships designed just for landings and take offs, 2-3 large ships designed not to support life in space, but designed to land on Mars and support life for the year or so on the planet. And possibly 1-2 ships that are just power plants. Yeah... (rubs hands together) I have been thinking a lot about this one. But I am not going to spell it all out now in disorganized chaos. More later.

Peace out yo!

Trent- come live on Mars with me!

The difference between a warrior and a thug is cunning and intelligence.

Monday, April 5, 2004

Saturday, April 3, 2004

Fyi everyone:

Liz is sick. I dunno how sick exactly but she has been for around 2 months, and she is not getting better. We have been to a doctor but he was pretty much utterly incompetent and told her it was all in her head. I hate doctors like that. We have a new doctor appointment tomorrow, otherwise I'd have her in the ER tonight. Mainly her symptoms have been extreme fatigue, but today she took a turn for the worse and her throat is all swollen up, and she cant really eat or drink. I gave her a blessing that said alot of great stuff about getting better soon, but so far, she is as sick as I have ever seen her including pregnant with kidney stones. I would not be too suprized if the doctor tomorrow hospitalizes her, which if that happens I dunno what our next move will be, as far as the kids and the job and all that stuff. i'd appreciate everybodies prayers. This pretty much sucks.

anyhow on a lighter note: Helium.

Thursday, April 1, 2004

Hi, Brids!

So, Jonni and I were reading about Mary and Joseph riding to Bethlehem on a donkey a while back, as a bedtime story and she asked me what a donkey was.

Like a small, bitty little horse with big ears and a temper, I explained. Then I couldn't help explaining about how a mule was an animal with a horse for a mommy and an ass for a daddy, and that lead quickly to Zorses (Zebra dad, horse mom) and Hebras (the opposite) and then Zonkeys and from there onto Ligers (Lion dad, Tiger mom) and Tions and Wholphins(half whale half dolphin) and Beefalos (half cow half buffalo) and on and on and on. She was interested and thought some of the names for these types of animals were hilarious. (And they are, too).

All these animal combos I mentioned are things that can and have actually occurred. Not too long ago some hunters shot a bear that turned out to be half Polar bear half Grizzly. Talk about a scary beast. They call it a Grolar bear, which by convention assumes a male grizzly bear parent and a female polar bear parent. I suppose if it was the other way around you'd call it a Pizzly bear and that just cracks me up to no end.

I've seen a real live liger cub in person. So ha ha ha ha. It looked just like a tiger to me.

Ligers (lion dad and tiger mom) are one type of combo that have an effect called "Hybrid vigor" which means simply that Ligers can get much larger (like half again as big) as either a plain lion or tiger can get. Oddly it seems that the other way around- a tion- (tiger dad, lion mom) tend to have the opposite effect and wind up smaller than either parent. I don't know if the Grolar bears have hybrid vigor, but if they do WHOOOOO DOGGIES! what a demon of a bear that would make.

I've heard scientific speculation that it might be possible to have a successful elephant/Woolly Mammoth cross. Now that could be pretty neato. Here's how it'd work: You'd first have to find a frozen male mammoth, probably n Siberia. That wouldn't be too hard. Its estimated that there are ... well memory fails to come up with the exact stat but definitely thousands, possibly millions of frozen mammoths in Siberia. And they tend to be well preserved. I heard once of a restaurant that one night as a novelty served 10,000 year old mammoth meat. So - you have to find a male mammoth with some viable mammoth sperm frozen inside him. Not impossible. You find a healthy female modern elephant, do A.I. and wait for however long elephants gestate for and you have an animal with a 10,000 year extinct father. A Mammophant. Would be pretty dern cool if you ask me.

Another thing that I find interesting is that these cross-breed animals are not always sterile. There have been Li-ligers, (lion dad, liger mom) and Ti-ligers, etc etc. Usually male crossbreeds are sterile but often the females are not.

I also wonder what it would be like to be a lion or a grizzly bear or a whale or a donkey and to find yourself romantically attracted to somebody from another species. How weird must that be? Are lions and tigers actually the same species, but just very different breeds/races within the species- like a poodle and a doberman? I doubt it, but maybe?

I suppose maybe Homo Neanderthal, and Homo Erectus (who names these things by the way?!) and all the other Homos might have been to us something like a Polar bear must be to a grizzly. Some speculate that a Human/Chimpanzee cross might be possible- a Humanzee they'd call it- I personally doubt that. But it raises some questions that I find very interesting. Such a cross would, I think, be unethical- It would at the least amount to deliberately inflicting severe mental handicaps on an unborn child. But I'd sure like to know if it was possible, cause it would answer a lot of questions about humanity's identity as a species.

Well this has been an odd little babbling session. I wonder about this stuff though. Thanks for laughing with me at me.
I thought this was funny
(for a second there I almost liked HC)